My wife and I decided to find a new home after out second child was born, but our budget was small. Even with the money from selling our first home, we didn’t have enough to purchase our forever house. We had done small renovations together, and we thought we could handle a house that needed remodeling. We survived, but it was a sore trial to our relationship.

Friends and family helped us, but we still had to survive in the work zone. One particular night has become a fond memory for both of us, and we often laugh about it when cooking together. The kitchen was our largest project, and we had to keep using it. If anything could go wrong with that kitchen remodel, it did.

I was helping my wife out with dinner one night by watching the children, and she shouted that she needed to start another load of laundry. With gallantry in my heart, I offered to chop some vegetables for her. She mentioned the door at that end had just been varnished, and she said I wasn’t to close it. I didn’t, but our small toddler did. Just as the door became stuck, the timer went off to take the roast out of the oven. That was the last sane moment before disaster struck.

The kitchen cabinets had been delivered, and they were blocking the middle of the room. As the oven timer beeped, I kept trying to open the door to go through the house to the other end of the kitchen. It wouldn’t budge, the children began crying and the timer kept getting louder. Knowing the door was permanently shut, I tried to move through the cabinets with the kids. Just as smoke began coming out of the oven, my wife appeared to rescue the roast as well as the three of us. Fortunately, she has a great sense of humor and took the sting out of the entire adventure.